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Individual Therapy Teens, Young Adults, Adults


This is a conversation where we meet one on one to work through your personal issues you have been facing.
Life is tough but there is no medal for going it all alone. Let's work on skills, tools, coping mechanisms, mental health, trauma etc. so that your future doesn't have to be the same as today.

Therapy for Kids


It can be tough being a kid these days. Anxiety, depression, behavioral difficulties, separation/divorce etc. Sometimes the best way to work through through problems is to play. We utilize play therapy, in association with other therapies, to work through our problems without all the difficult words while expressing the feeling and emotion. While we learn new skills and have some fun.

Couples Therapy


Relationships are tough. No matter the type, stage or age of your relationship problems can arise. It can be helpful to work through these problems with a neutral third party. So whether your thinking of committing forever, are committed forever, or are needing some time apart therapy is here to work through past and present issues and set your relationship on solid foundation.

Family Therapy


Therapy for the whole family. Struggles arise within a family. Family therapy allows up to build a stronger foundation, work through our differences and be heard in a group setting. You can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family - so lets grow and change to better support one another.

Walk N Talk Therapy


Hard time sitting still? Want to exercise and work through life's stuff? Maybe walk and talk therapy is for you.
Let's take a stroll, as we work through your life's 'stuff' in the great outdoors.

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